DMBL7UV / UNIVERSAL 7 mil Polyester Backlit Film for Pigmented Printer Systems
MAGIC® DMBL7UV is a bright white, universal 7 mil polyester backlit film for use in aqueous pigmented and piezo inkjet printing systems. DMBL-7UV is a backlit film recommended as a front print and front view light box application. It is ideal for backlit signage applications, and provides maximum transmitted and reflected ink density ensuring vivid color and high image resolution. DMBL-7UV is suitable for both indoor and outdoor light box graphics and kiosks. DMBL-7UV has excellent scratch resistance and does not require lamination.

8.0 mils (200 microns)
7.0 mils (175 microns)
70% (+/-5)
70°F (30-70% RH)
Aqueous Pigmented
Caliper of coated product
Caliper of based film
% Opacity:
Gloss of Print Side (60°)
Gloss of Film Side (60°)
Whiteness (white backing)
Optimum Printing Environment
Recommended Printing Devices

The print needs to be front imaged and viewed from the image side. The print side is the matte side and it is wound to the outside of the roll.

Printer and Ink Compatibility:
DMBL-7UV may be printed with Hewlett-Packard DesignJet®, Encad NovaJet® /Pro/Proe, ColorSpan® Displaymaker's, Epson 9000 and piezo water-based pigments. DMBL-7UV may be printed with PiezoPrint 5000 inks. It is recommended to use pigmented inks. Although dye-based inks provide a higher color gamut, ink fade can occur. Inks NOT recommended for use are Encad GX, Ilford® Archiva®, and ColorSpan EnduraChrome inks because premature fading is known to occur. Using water-based pigments will yield outstanding print quality for use with either reflective or transmitted light.

Printer settings:
To optimize print quality, printers should be set for the highest print quality. The maximum ink saturation level for Nova-Jet and ColorSpan prints is 300%. To reduce the effects of the ″star wheel marks″ and to minimize bleed, the recomended maximum ink saturation level is 350% on the HP Design Jet series printers. The media selection is ″Heavy Weight Coated Paper″ for the HP DesignJet series printers. ″Super″ and ″bi-directional″ are the printers settings for waterbased piezo wide format printers. Dry-time will vary depending on ink type and the ink saturation level used.

DMBL-7UV in conjunction with pigmented inks has excellent water resistance. Dye-based inks have a moderate level of water resistance. Condensation in a light box will not affect the image. Lamination is not required but is recommended when an image will be exposed to repeated moisture or physical handling or when prolonged product life is needed.

Water Resistance:
Pigmented inks provide the best long-term UV fade and water resistance. With additional protective glass or overlaminate, you can expect expandeddurability for up to 1 year outdoors. DMBL-7UV should be installed with the UV stable laminate side facing out.

Light Stability:
Pigmented inks provide the best long-term UV fade and water resistance. With Additional protective glass or overlaminate, you can expect expanded durability. DMBL-7UV should be installed with the UV stable laminate side facing out.

Image Protection:
Due to the waterfast coating, lamination is not required. Overlaminates will protect the image from physical damage if image is unprotected by glass. Cold pressure laminates should be used on the DMBL-7UV. When using heat activated laminates, it is recommended to encapsulate leaving 1/8″ safe edge around the entire graphic to ensure complete waterfastness.

Viewing with reflected or transmitted light yields outstanding image contrast and color vibrance.