MAGIC® DMCF4HPS is a clear polyster film that accepts most dye-based and pigmented OEM inks. The film features removable edge stripes specifically for Hewlett-Packard printers that require edge media sensing. An interleafed product, DMCF4HP, is available in 36-inch width for those printer systems who require an interleaf for media sensing or for those end users who prefer interleaf. DMCF4HPS is ideal for mapping overlays, full color graphic indoor signage applications, window graphics, and color separations for screen printing.

4.0 mils, 102 microns
70°F / 21°C (30-70% RH)
300% maximum
2 years (up to 1 year as window graphic with UV inks)
Total Calipe
Optimum Printing Environment
Recommended Ink Coverage
Indoor Product Life Expectancy

If added surface protection is desired, it is recommended that a non-thermal pressure-sensitive overlaminate be used. Allow film to dry completely prior to handling. DMCF4HPS mounted with DMWVA10 vinyl backing results in a vibrant graphic with image protection.

Window graphics:
DMCF4HPS is ideal for window graphics due to the pigment ink compatibility. Pigmented inks will provide an image less subject to light fade than dye-based inks. A clear double-sided adhesive can be applied to the film when used for window graphics.

Surface durablility:
Pigmented inks will provide some degree of waterfastness; however, inks can be rubbed off if image is wet. DMCF4HPS is not a waterfast product.

Print side is always wound to the outside of the roll. Printing is performed in ″mirror″ image.

Printer & Ink Compatibility:
DMCF4HPS can be used on all Hewlett-Packard DesignJet® series, Encad Novajet®/Pro/Proe, Colorspan®, and most water-based piezo printers. When using HP2000/3000 printers, shut off the printhead service and color callibration options under the Image Quality option on the front printer panel. Printhead errors will occur due to the opacity differences of the clear film and edge stripe. Colorspan users will have to perform the following in order to use the film: (1) load the film with a photobase media and calibrate (2) tape over the sensor (3) unload photobase and load clear film. Epson® 1000 and Roland® printers will not detect the DMCF4HPS; therefore, DMCFHP film with an interleaf should be used (36″ width only available). Film is compatible with most OEM dye-based and pigmented inks. Ink dry time will be affected by ink saturation level and humidity. Allow prints to dry completely prior to handling.

Printer Settings
To optimize print quality, printers should be set for highest print quality. Media selection should be ″Film″ mode in 1000/2000/3000 Hewlett-Packard DesignJet® printers, and ″Photo Imaging Gloss″ mode in Hewlett-Packard DesignJet® 5000.

Color Calibration:
ICC Color Calibration profiles can be obtained for a selected RIP, printer, ink, and media combination.

Material Storage:
To protect unused material, it is recommended to store material in its original packaging, in the poly bag at 59-86°F / 15-30°C and 30-70% RH.