Magic® FAB-6 is a 6.8 mil 100% polyester woven fabric ideal for producing flags, displays, window decorations, pop-up displays and window backlits. FAB-6 has a unique ink jet coating that allows it to be compatible on a wide variety of thermal and water-based piezo printer systems.

Class A
1 Year with pigmented inks (unprotected)
6 months with pigmented inks (unprotected)
Flammability Rating:
Indoor Life Expectancy
Outdoor Life Expectancy:
115 g/m²  3.3 oz/yd²
6.8 mils   173 microns
Matte (1.0 at 60°)
Basis Weight:
% Opacity:

Printer & Ink Compatibility:
FAB-6 is compatible on Hewlett-Packard Designjet®, Encad, Colorspan®, and water-based piezo printer systems. The universal coating can be used with both dye and pigmented inks. Pigmented inks provide a more stable image from light fade. GX inks result in premature fade. Please note that due to the natural weave of the FAB-6 media, non-uniform solid colors can occur when printing with Encad GO inks. An uneven drying pattern occurs especially in green colors.

Printer settings:
To optimize print quality, printers should be set for ″Enhanced Multi-pass″ on the Encad printers, ″Heavy Coated Paper″ on HP printers. The recommended ink saturation level is 300% for all printer types. Dry times and ink saturation can vary depending on printer, ink, ink drop volume, and printing environment (humidity).

Printing Environment:
FAB-6 works best when printed in an environment between 18-30°C and between 20-80% RH. Ink dry time will be longer at higher RH conditions.

ICC Profiles:
ICC profiles can be obtained for selected RIP, ink, and printer.

Material handling:
Store unused material in original packaging. FAB-6 is water-resistant and will not run or bleed when wet; however, the inks will smudge if rubber when wet. Any loose threads should be removed before printing to prevent contact with cartridges or printer components. Be certain ink is completely dry prior to handling.

Improper installation can cause premature banner failure. It is recommended that a professional installer be used.

Tape and Hem:
Standard high-tack banner tape can be used but can alter the burning characteristics of the material. Follow the guidelines of the tape manufacturer. If sewing, it is recommended to stitch in non-imaged borders to prevent coating scratching in high ink areas. Fabric heat knives should be used to cut final graphics to eliminate fraying on ends. It is recommended to cut fabric on a glass surface with a metal ruler to prevent browning of edges. FAB-6 can be heat-welded back to back.

Grommets should be placed in the hemline along the length of the banner so that the grommet is through two layers of fabric. Corner grommets should be placed where the length and width hems cross, so that the grommet is through four layers. For added strength, Banner-Ups®, Power-Tabs®, Power-Tape® are options to consider.

Surface Protection:
Be certain that graphic is completely dry prior to overlamination. Overlaminating with Magic® DMFTP Fluorex® Brand Protection is recommended using a two-pass process. The first pass is performed following the standard DMFTP application method. The second pass involves sending FAB-6 through the laminator rolls a second time without the release sheet. Liquid laminates are compatible and handling characteristics of the fabric may change when protection is applied.