Embossed Indoor/Outdoor Poster Paper for Promotional Signage &
Wallcovering Applications for Solvent Ink Printing Systems
MAGIC® GFIOP212 EMB is an Embossed version of GFIOP212. The Embossed pattern provides a texture to the paperís finish that enhances itís appearance in wallcovering and mural applications. This one-side coated paper is designed to meet the demands of high production solvent and eco-solvent* ink jet printers. This latex-saturated, wet strength paper features exceptional print fidelity with a distinctive luster finish. Strength, flexibility and durability are hallmark traits of the GFIOP family of products. It resists cracking when folded, and film lamination is not required in most intended applications. Product passes Class A flame spread tests (ASTM E-84) as manufactured.

201 g/m² (5.9 oz/yd²)
9.3 mil
60/48 (lbs/in)
200/185 (g)
8/14 (%)
70°F (35-70% RH)
Class A
Basis Weight
Sheffield Smoothness
% Opacity
Gloss (60°)
Tensile (MD/CD
Tear Strength (MD/CD)
% Elongation
Wet Expansion
Optimum Printing Conditions
Flame Spread Classification (ASTM E-84)

Printer Compatibility:
GFIOP212 EMB may be printed in most solvent and eco-solvent printing systems such as: Mimaki JV3, Mutoh Toucan, Seiko, Vutek, Scitex, Nur, Roland Versa Camm, Roland Sol Jet, etc.

Printer Settings:
Optimized printer settings will vary from printer manufacturers. Recommended heater settings: pre heat 52°C, and post heat 58°C. *Note: Eco-solvent ink users. These products require slower print speeds and/or higher resolutions. Printing with 720X1440 dpi at 16 or 32 pass may be necessary. You must use the proper settings combined with the proper ICC profile.

Surface Protection:
For indoor and outdoor applications, GFIOP212 EMB will hold up for 3-6 months without lamination. It is recommended to overlaminate if graphic will be exposed to severe conditions or where longer life is needed. Pressure-sensitive overlaminates are recommended for outdoor graphics. Liquid laminates can be used for wallcovering applications. This added protection is needed where routine cleaning is common.

Promotional Signage:
Designed for indoor and outdoor promotional signage. Handles well in all types of posting situations. Standard starch-based pastes may be used. Also recommended is Shu-Stik Ultra Billboard Adhesive Product #8750.

Decorative Wallcovering/Murals:
Can be pasted and hung just like standard wallcovering materials. Standard pastes such as Henkel Metylan Cellulose Wallpaper Paste provide adequate adhesion and allow for easier stripping when the wallcovering is to be removed or replaced. Mixing instructions for most standard wallpaper pastes include water measure for both high yield and high tack concentrations. The lower water measure is recommended for this product. Heavy duty pastes such as Supron Supro Clear 34, Harvest 1st Choice GH34, and Rowan Professional Heavy Duty Clear Pro 838 come premixed, have a more aggressive adhesive, and are recommended for more permanent applications.