MAGIC® Mural-ProX is a latex-based ink jet wallcovering media for residential, hospitality, commercial, and retail design. Mural-ProX is an economical alternative to adhesive vinyl for in-store environmental graphics. Mural-ProX results in similar print and posting performance as DMiBOP10X without the added costs of having nylon reinforcement. The universal coating provides a wide range of printer compatibility across thermal and piezo printer systems. Mural-ProX meets the ASTM 793 standards for commercial wallcovering and is ideal for interior design, art reproduction, and restoration applications. Mural-ProX can be combined with Magic® DMFTP Fluorex® Transfer Protection for a durable wallcovering solution.

Class A**
65/52 lbs/in
7/13 %
1 year+
Flame Spread Classification
Tensile Strength (MD/CD)
Elongation (MD/CD)
Tear Strength (MD/CD)
Wet Expansion
Indoor Life Expectancy*
228 g/m² (6.7 oz/yd²)
12 mils (306 microns)
70°F (21°C)
Basis Weight
% Opacity
Optimum Print RH
Optimum Print Temp.
*Based on manufacturer's accelerated age testing. Lamination will increase life expectancies. Results may vary based on usage.
**Based on ASTM E84 test method

This product is designed for only indoor wallcovering applications.
Printer & Ink Compatibility:
Mural-Pro can be printed on Xerox Xpress, X2, Roland Soljet, and Mutoh Falcon Outdoor printers equipped with pigmented inks. Dye-based inks are not recommended.
Printing Guidelines:
To optimize print quality, printers should be set for highest print quality. Select paper or banner-type print settings. Due to the heavy gauge of the material, this product can feed through the printers at different rates causing print size to vary slightly from print to print. Images sized in a software application may be printed slightly smaller then anticipated.
Water Resistance & Surface Protection:
To obtain a high degree of water resistance, use only pigmented ink. Lamination is not required. However, dirt and stains can not be cleaned from the imaged surface and the surface can be damaged from excessive folding or creasing, so overlaminating is recommended to help protect it. Overlamination with Magic® DMFTP Fluorex Brand Protection is recommended to enhance surface durability, add stain resistance and washability. Ink coverage of up to 250% is recommended, because higher ink saturation can affect the waterfast properties and show ink bleed in heavy saturation areas. Let the image dry up to 24 hours before exposing to moisture.
Material Handling & Storage:
Once the print is completed, roll imaged media onto a core until ready for posting. Folding of the material is not recommended. After use, the material should be stored in its original packaging in the poly bag suspended on the end boards. The material should be stored at 22°C. (+/-2°C.) for no more then 1 year.

Wall Preparation:
Walls should be prepped to a smooth, clean, and dry surface prior to installation. Mural-Pro will not hide wall flaws. Primer sealer should be used on unpainted drywall. Prime over glossy painted walls.
Paste Information:
Use clear adhesives such as: Professional Ultra Premium Heavy Duty Clear Strippable (PRO-880), Golden Harvest GH-34 Clear Strippable, and Allpro Pro-Duty 3400. Clay adhesives have also shown to be effective (PRO-732, PRO-774, Golden Harvest GH-40, Allpro Extra Strength Vinyl 600 & 661). For more permanent wallcoverings, use Professional heavy Duty Clear PRO-838 or Allpro Clear Hang 610. Apply a coat of the desired adhesive using a 1/2″ nap paint roller and book for 10 minutes prior to hanging.
Do not use tape on the imaged surface. Align the top and adjoining edges. Smooth panels into place using a smoothing brush, starting at the center of the panel working toward the edges. Push out any air pockets using the smoother brush.
Magic® Fluorex® Transfer Protection - DMFTP - ultra thin (3 micron), graffiti-resistant overlaminate, provides the easiest, most effective surface protection. DMFTP is a thin, flexible protective layer that is easily applied using a hot roll laminator. DMFTP is an excellent finishing solution to wallcovering because it does not interfere with hanging procedures. Pressure-sensitive laminates are not recommended. The added weight of a pressure-sensitive laminate can result in delamination and installation issues. Allow the Mural-Pro images to dry 24 hours before laminating. Liquid laminates can be used but always pretest the laminate prior to use for compatibility.