Palermo White Film
Glossy White Polyester Film
Magiclée® Palermo White Film is a premium glossy white polyester film that is durable, and tear-resistant. The ink jet coating accepts most dye-based and pigment OEM inks. Magiclée® Palermo White Film provides a high contrast white background which results in vibrant, high resolution, super glossy photographic images that may be used for display graphics applications. Magiclée® Palermo White Film is ideal for POP displays and graphic panels for exhibits and trade shows.

4.85 mils 121 microns
70°F / 21°C (30-70% RH)
1 year (with overlaminate)
Class A
Total Caliper
% Opacity
Optimum Printing Environment
Indoor Product Life Expectancy
Flammability Rating (ASTM E-84)

Print side is always wound to the outside of the roll.

Printer & Ink Compatibility:
Magiclée® Palermo White Film can be printed with Hewlett-Packard DesignJet® series, Encad Novajet®/Pro/Proe, ColorSpan® Displaymakers, Epson Stylus® Pro series, Canon® iPF series, and most piezo water-based pigment printers. It is recommended to use pigment inks for longer-lasting images.

Printer Settings:
To optimize print quality, printers should be set for highest print quality. Media selection should be "Photo Imaging Gloss / Max Quality" mode in Hewlett-Packard Design Jet 5000. For Canon iFP series, media selection is "Super Gloss (Premium), Max Quality", 2400x1200 dpi. For Epson Pro series, use Photo Ink at 2880 dpi and select Premium Photo Glossy 250, high speed, finest detail.

Color Calibration:
ICC Color Calibration profiles can be obtained on our website. Profiles can be downloaded for a selected RIP, printer, ink, and media combination. Profiles are generated on a continual basis. Consult the website for availability.

Material Handling & Storage:
Handle product by the edges to avoid getting fingerprints on the imaged areas. It is recommended that white gloves be worn when handling, unloading, and handling the film. To protect unused material, it is recommended to store material in its original packaging, in the poly bag at 59-86°F / 15-30°C and 30-70% RH.

If added surface protection is desired, it is recommended that a non-thermal pressure-sensitive overlaminate be used. Allow film to dry completely prior to handling. The higher the relative humidity, the longer one should wait. In high humidity enviroments (80%), prints should be allowed to dry up to 24 hours.

Trade Show Graphics:
Magiclée® Palermo White Film, combined with a pressure-sensitive polycarbonate overlaminate, is a durable option for producing trade show graphics. Heavier gauge laminates apply more force on the layers. Limit the amount of stress applied to the graphic during transport and use. After laminate application, allow adhesive to cure prior to shipping and handling. Adhesive strength typically improves over time; one hour mimimal, overnight is better. Be careful rolling and unrolling prints. The tighter the wrap, the more stress, and the higher the chance for laminate splitting.

Disposal by recycling of ink jet media is the preferred method. Where recycle markets do not exist, diaposal by landfill or an approved incinerator is acceptable.