Block-out Film
For Aqueous Pigmented & Solvent Systems
MAGIC® POS PRO 200+ is a 10.4 mil printable, anti curl, block-out film that is specifically designed for universal printing. POS PRO 200+ is a cost effective solution for indoor applications such as promotional roll-up applications, trade show graphics, and point-of-sale applications. POS PRO 200+ offers high image quality and durability and is coated with a universal coating that is compatible with both aqueous pigment and solvent ink jet printers

10.4 mils /260 microns
220.5 g/m²
Caliper of Total Product
Basis Weight
% Opacity
Gloss of Print Side (60°)

The print needs to be front imaged and viewed from the image side. The print side is the matte side and it is wound to the outside of the roll. Trade show graphics is the primary product application.

Printer and Ink Compatibility::
POS PRO 200+ may be printed with ink jet systems such as Hewlett-Packard DesignJet®, Encad NovaJet® /Pro/Proe, ColorSpan® Displaymaker, Epson Stylus Pro series, Canon iPF series, and most piezo water/based pigment inks. POSPRO 200+ may be printed with raster Graphics PiezoPrint 5000 inks. It is recommended to use pigmented inks. Although dye-based inks provide a higher color gamut, ink fade can occur. Inks NOT recommended for use are Encad2GX, Ilford® Archiva™, and ColorSpan EnduraChrome inks because premature fading is known to occur. POS PRO 200+ may be used in most solvent ink jet printing systems such as Mimaki, Mutoh, DGI, Vutek, Nur, Seiko, Scitex, etc.

Printer settings:
To optimize print quality, printers should be set for the highest print quality. The maximum ink saturation level for NovaJet and ColorSpan prints is 250% To reduce the effects of "star wheel marks" and to minimize bleed, the recommended maximum ink saturation level is 250% on the HP DesignJet series printers. The media selection is "Heavy Weight Coated Paper" for the HP DesignJet Series printers. "Super" and "bi-directional" are the printers settings for waterbased piezo wide format printers. Dry-time will vary depending on ink type and the ink saturation level used. To optimize print quality on the solvent ink jet printers, 720 dpi bi-direction will offer the best results. 540 x 360 also offers good output. Optimized printer settings will vary from printer manufacturer. 25°C to 35°C is a good staring point for both pre and post heaters. If available, use dryer or fix to dry image quickly. It is recommended to turn off the automatic cutter within the printer system. Some printer blades may not be able to trim this media.

Light stability:
Pigmented inks provide the best long-term UV fade and water resistance.

Prints should be completely dried before laminating It is recommended to wait 24 hours before laminating to allow for adequate dry time. Cold pressure-sensitive overlaminates are recommended.

Disposal by recycling of ink jet media is the preferred method. Where recycle markets do not exist, disposal by landfill or an approved incinerator is acceptable.