Digital Fine Art and Photo Paper
Magiclée® Torino 21G is a high gloss 21 mil poly/cotton artist stretch canvas. The high gloss level allows for highter color densities, which result in increased color saturation over matte, semi-matte, and satin canvases. The unique coating of Torino 21G is compatible with waterbased thermal/piezo technology supporting either dye or pigment. Torino 21G is ideal for portraits, fine art reproductions, museum art, heavy-duty indoor signage, photo displays, and maps.

411.5 g/m² (12.1 oz/yd²)
Basis Weight
Whiteness (X-Rite 938)
pH value
Poly/Cotton Blend
19.0 mils (484 microns)
Base Construction
Gloss (60°)

Printer and Ink Compatibility:
Tonino 21G's coating is compatible with most water-based thermal and piezo printer systems such as Hewlett-Packard DesignJet®, Kodak/Encad®, ColorSpan®, Mutoh®, Roland®, Mimaki®, etc. Higher color gamut and gloss levels result when using dye based ink. Excellent performance with pigmented piezo ink delivery systems, However, due to the various ink formulations available, a pretest is required for compatibillity. Some inks may result in increased dry times or dot pooling rendering the product incompatible.

To optimize print quality, select the highest print quality mode on the printer. Ink dry time will vary depending on ink type, percent ink saturtion, RH, and temprature. Optimal printing environment is 700 F, 40-60% RH. ICC color profiles can be obtained for a selected RIP, ink, and printer combination on our website.

Printer Loading:
It is recommended to turn off the automatic cutter within the printer system. Some printer blades may not be able to trim this media, especially if the blade is dull. Advance the canvas several inches and cut manually to avoid any problems. Due to the heavy weight of the canvas, the feed rate may differ in printers resulting in slight variations in size from print to print or from the expected size after RIPing.

Base Consistency:
Canvas is a natural base that has variability in its whiteness and fabric weave from lot to lot. Although the surface characteristics may vary, the ink jet coating layer will provide repeatable imaging performance.

Water Resistance:
Torino 21G is not water resistant and should not be used outdoors or in areas of high moisture.

Pigmented inks will result in longer lasting images. Dye based inks fade noticeably under direct sunlight or in interior applications where direct sunlight or fluorescent lighting may fall on the image. Over lamination will provide surface protection from fade.

Material Storage:
Unused portion of the roll should be stored in its original packaging in the poly bag with core plugs. Unimaged material should be stored at 72°F (+/-5°) for no more than 1 year.

After printing, images should be allowed to dry before handling. It is recommended to apply surface protection prior to stretching and framing. This will protect the image from scratching or the coating from cracking. Images are more susceptible to scratching at higher RH environments (>60%RH). Torino 19G can be permanently attached to a rigid board or frame with staples or tacks. It is not recommended to use glue or pressure-sensitive adhesives, as these will intefere with the natural environmental shrinkage over time. All edges should be affixed to prevent edge curl from occurring. Edges may crack when stretched. Studio wrap finishing is not recommended.

Surface Protection:
Torino 21G may be overlaminatd using liquid laminates. It is recommmended to pre-test the liquid laminate prior to using. Matte or luster sprays can be used to lower the image gloss if desired. For longer lasting images, use fast-drying sprays with UV blockers.