Digital Fine Art and Photo Paper
Magiclée® Torino 21M is a matte finish, artist stretch canvas designed for fade resistant fine art or photo reproductions when imaged with pigment inks. The polyester/cotton blend canvas has a specifically designed coating which delivers superior color gamut and resolution. Torino 21M has the added bonus of water resistance when printed with pigment inks. Torino 21M is also compatible with most dye-based inks for short-term indoor reproductions.

20.5 +/- 1 mils 512.5 microns
355 g/m² (10.4 oz/yd²)
Basis Weight
Gloss (60°)
pH value

Printer and Ink Compatibility:
Torino 21M is compatible on Encad NovaJet®/Pro/Proe, ColorSpan® Displaymakers, all Hewlett-Packard DesignJet® series printers (500/800/1000/2000/3000/5000), and most water-based piezo printers, such as the Epson Stylus® series It is recommended to use pigment inks for longer-lasting images. The use of dye-based inks can result in premature fading especially with Encad GX, Ilford® Archiva, or ColorSpan® Endurachrome inks.

Ink coverage of up to 250% is recommended. Due to the heavy weight of the canvas, feed rate through the printers may not be consistent, causing prints to differ slightly in size from print to print or from the expected size after RIP’ing. To optimize print quality, printers should be set for highest print quality. Media selection should be “Studio Canvas” (HP 2000/3000/5000 series).

Base consistency:
The imaging layers of the material will be consistent, yielding repeatable image performance, but due to the material being a natural base, white point and fabric weave can vary from lot to lot of material.

After printing, material should be permanently attached to a rigid board or frame with staples or tacks. Using glue or pressure sensitive adhesives is not recommended, as this does not prevent the material from natural environmental shrinkage over time. When the material shrinks, the adhesive may fail, causing edges to curl and possible delamination. Shrinkage may also cause spacing between paneled job not mounted properly. All edges of the material should be affixed to the mounting surface to prevent the edges from curling. Canvas may be mounted onto a stretch frame. All canvas is susceptible to edge cracking if stretched improperly.

Water Resistance:
Torino 21M has a high degree of water resistance when pigment inks are used. The water resistance may be affected if the recommended ink saturation level is exceeded.

Surface protection:
Always pretest the liquid laminate for compatibility prior to using. Clearstar’s Clearshield Type C Gloss (for pigmend inks), Clearjet A-2000 ( for dye inks) formulas are recommended. For more information, log onto their website: It is not recommended to overlaminate with pressure sensitive laminates because they do not have complete contact with the surface of the textured canvas. Delamination may result.

Material Storage:
Material should be stored at 72°F (+/-5°) for no more than 1 year. After use, the roll should be stored in its original packaging.

HP, ENCAD NovaJet, and Water-Based Piezo Printers:
Torino 21M may be loaded into the printer in roll or sheet form. Before loading canvas, the cutting mechanism MUST be turned off or removed. If the cutter is not turned off, the printer head may jam during the cutting sequence. Once the canvas is loaded, and before printing, advance the front edge 2 to 3 inches past the printhead to avoid head strike. After a print is completed, manually cut the print from the roll and remove the roll from the printer. Always cut a straight & square edge before loading any media. HP 5000 series printers requires the sheet to be at least 22” in length. When feeding the canvas, make sure you insert the left and right edges simutaneously, allowing the printer to take the media from you.